Cognitive Advantage was founded to fill a need for increased performance on tests, and in school. After years of private in-home academic tutoring, Brandon joined a tutoring company and tutored standardized tests, in addition to academic tutoring. He found success in being able to connect with students and help them understand the strategies and material better. As much as he enjoyed his time at the tutoring company, he had some other ideas that he wanted to include, but just didn’t have the bandwidth to do so within another company’s infrastructure, so began the labor of love for Brandon and his wife, Victoria, that is Cognitive Advantage.

The current climate of college requirements not only demands good grades and test scores, but also a whole host of extra-curricular activities; this can be a big load to juggle. As athletes and academics, Cognitive Advantage understands the time and emotional commitment that being BOTH a scholar AND athlete require. Many times, students face their parents or teachers who want them to perform academically without regard to athletics; and other times they have coaches who expect a level of athletic commitment without regard to academics. We, at Cognitive Advantage, want to be able to balance both, while also speaking to the emotional well-being of the student. Students today, are under more stress to perform than ever before. We feel that our job is not only to be tutors, but also to provide a supportive and positive, nurturing environment, while still maintaining academic rigor.






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