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Thank you for your interest in Cognitive Advantage!

Cognitive Advantage specializes in efficient customized tutoring for standardized tests and academic coursework with flexible hours to work around your student’s busy schedule.  We also offer college consulting services, which can be integrated with your student’s tutoring to provide a streamlined process for course planning, preparation, and college applications! We have offices in Menlo Park and Los Altos providing easy access to most residents of the Bay Area.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality services by matching our exceptional expertise in standardized test preparation, academic coursework tutoring, and college consulting services to your student’s optimal learning style and academic strengths. Our founders hold advanced degrees in the hard and social sciences and are passionate about sharing their wealth of knowledge in a relaxed setting. Our curricula are uniquely designed to minimize the number of tutoring hours and maximize your student’s score improvements.

We believe that effective teaching begins with understanding how your student learns best. This also translates to what types of colleges might be the best fit for your student’s learning style, academic strengths, and extra-curricular interests.

What makes us unique is that Cognitive Advantage is a small, family-owned and operated business, which means that we truly care about YOU, our students and customers. We intend to keep our company small to insure the highest quality for our clients. We will go the extra mile to make sure you are getting what you need, whether that means extra last minute academic sessions before a big exam, or going to your school to speak with your teacher(s) to make a more effective teaching team; we want to help you succeed! Additionally, we are also parents, which means that we have a unique understanding of what it’s like to be on the parental side of the academic experience, how to deal with your teachers or tests, as well as how to help you in a caring fashion. Lastly, because of our graduate degrees in neuroscience and psychology, we have a more complete understanding of the materials you are learning; how the mind works, psychologically and emotionally; and what types of colleges or universities would be the best fit for your student. Not only do we enjoy teaching in a creative manner and want to make learning mundane material more fun, but we also care about YOU!

Call us to talk about your tutoring needs, today! 650-434-2640

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CogAd is a sponsor for the Down by the Bay 5k run!

Cognitive Advantage is proud to sponsor, for the second year, the Down by the Bay 5k run and Tot Trot! Last year was the first year of the event and everyone had a great time! This year, things are a little more serious and the venue has changed to a location more conducive for running! …

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College Meet/Greets in the Bay Area

Many liberal arts colleges have been contacting us to let us know that they are having meet & greet sessions with college reps or admissions reps. Here is a listing of upcoming events. Please contact them directly with any questions!   Whitman College On Tuesday will be hosting our annual Bay Area Fall Admission Reception …

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